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After more than three years of concerts in France and abroad with her The Wizards musicians, Mo’Kalamity flew away to Jamaica in spring 2017. Accompanied by Sly & Robbie, legendary Jamaican musicians and producers, she recorded her new album at the Anchor Studio, in Kingston. Achieved in pure Live Jamaican tradition, these 9 new titles are the result of an artistic encounter with Sly & Robbie who expressed her music exactly as Mo expected.On the same wave length as the singer, the several times Grammy-nominated Jamaican duo arranged and enhanced these new tracks with all the genious they expressed for decades.Everything was recorded in one shot live, the old way ! Thus Mo’Kalamity comes back with a fourth album which is very personal since, like for all her previous albums, she wrote and composed most titles (two instruments were composed by Sly & Robbie).

One love Vibration

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Warriors of the Light


Freedom of the Soul


Le pouvoir

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Deeper revolution

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