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Her desire to collaborate once again with Sly Dunbar & Robbie Lyn (The Taxi Gang), never left her and encouraged her to pursue this adventure in Jamaica. So she set off once again to meet up with this duo and reunite with other icons of Jamaican music such as the illustrious Flabba Holts, Earl Chinna Smith and Kirk Benett. Once again, it was at the Anchor Studio in Kingston that she surrounded herself with the cream of Jamaican musicians and finalised the recording of her fifth album, "Shine"


Working with Sidney Mills as producer and sound engineer was an obvious choice. Together, they finalised the album's production, recording the vocals and backing vocals and editing. Dennis Thompson (a sound engineer who has worked with Bob Marley, Buju Banton and Alicia Keys) joined them to mix the album at Mercy Sound NYC.


As with her previous albums, for 'Shine' Mo' let her inner voice guide her every step of the way. For this latest album, however, she embarked on a creative process that was as unprecedented as it was magical, leading her to record the album on three continents with Jamaican and New York reggae mentors. "Shine", her new and fifth album, is the fruit of her insatiable quest for authenticity. For this album, Mo' managed to surround herself with artists who not only played an essential role in the evolution of reggae, but for whom she had a real admiration. Thanks to their talent and creativity, these legends have enriched her own musical universe. "Shine" embodies the vision and vibe that Mo' shares with these artists, bringing the music to its peak. 

Mo'Kalamity flew to Kingston to meet the legendary musician and producer duo Sly & Robbie. Their fruitful collaboration gave birth to the album "Mo'Kalamity meets Sly and Robbie - One love vibration" in 2018. This album is arranged by brilliant musicians such as Robbie Lyn on keyboards, Dalton Browne and Mickey Chang on guitar, Dean Fraser on saxophone, Sly Dunbar on drums and Robbie Sheakspear on bass. At the same time, Mo'Kalamity recorded "le pouvoir", a featuring with Tiken Jah Fakoly, and opened for the latter, notably at L'Elysée Montmartre.


Since the early days of his career, Mo'Kalamity and his musicians The Wizards have been touring France (No Logo, Reggae Sunska, La Maroquinerie, Pan Piper, etc.) and the world (Sweden, Germany, Spain, Tunisia). Unfortunately, in 2020 their tour was interrupted by the Covid pandemic and the ensuing confinements.


When a "return to normality" loomed, it became vital for Mo' to travel, to change areas, as she confided in her single "gotta get away". After this period of confinement, she felt the need to renew her sources of inspiration by setting off to discover new horizons. So she decided to embark on a journey that would set her on the road to her fifth album.


She chose to stay in New York, a bustling city and an unrivalled source of inspiration. There she discovered a rich and inspiring musical world with which she forged strong links. The wealth of connections she made during her first stay there would prove decisive in her musical future. During this first stay, she met the pioneers of reggae and seized the opportunity to record part of the "Shine" album at Mercy Sound Studio in Brooklyn with some talented musicians. She collaborated with Sidney Mills (Steel Pulse), Andy Bassford (Dennis Brown , Monty Alexander), Karl Wright (Monty Alexander) and Rupert McKenzie (Bushman, Eek a Mouse, Meta & the Conerstone).

Originally from Cape Verde, Mo'Kalamity grew up in France and now lives in Paris. Steeped in Caribbean and Afro-American rhythms, she quickly established herself in the world of reggae thanks to her talent as a singer, songwriter and composer. A self-taught musician and outstanding artist, she formed her own group, the Wizards. The power of her voice soars over the rhythms of deep, committed roots reggae to spread a powerful message. Through her spiritual lyrics, she encourages us to become aware of our mission in life and to fulfil ourselves with humanity. She reminds us that only love will enable us to move forward on this path and reveal our deepest essence. 


These first two albums were self-produced with the Lassospikante label. The first, Warrior of Lights, was released in 2007. A real success, it was re-released the following year. The second, "Deeper revolution", was nominated three times at the Cabo Verde Awards in 2011.


With determination, she pursued her artistic path, inaugurating her own label Sofia-Théa Records in 2013. There she produced her third album, "Freedom of the Soul", still accompanied by her musicians The Wizards

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